How fast are you really going?

SpeedometerYou may be driving faster, or slower, than you think you are! Speedometer inaccuracies happen, and can be partially to blame for that seemingly bogus speeding ticket.

At Auto Air of Virginia, we have been providing speedometer checks in Richmond, VA with speeding ticket defense for more than 20 years. We have the technology and expertise to test the accuracy of your Car, Truck or SUV's speedometer to determine if it is properly calibrated while you wait. Please note that no repairs are made during the calibration process.

We can calibrate Front Wheel Drive, Rear Wheel Drive and ALL Wheel Drive vehicles!

Once we test your vehicle's speedometer, we can provide a court recognized, notarized document that can be used in your defense should you want to fight your speeding ticket. This is very important, because not all auto repair shops or dealers are able to provide the necessary speedometer calibration certificate that can be used in court. Depending on the results of the calibration test, your traffic court judge could choose to reduce your speeding ticket, saving you money! Call Auto Air of Virginia at 804-672-3189 for an appointment today!